Doug Landreth

Limited Edition Archival Pigment Prints






Like an anthropologist in his grandmother’s attic, Doug Landreth is rediscovering the mysterious allure of the past with a sophisticated eye firmly rooted in the present. In a society that covets newness, fast cars, and increasingly faster communications, he is revealing beauty in that which is often overlooked, creating monuments to forgotten places and the quieter objects of daily life.

More expressionistic collage than photographic evidence, Landreth’s assembled images are saturated and painterly in tone and process. Digitally draping found objects and scenes in complex textures and vibrant colors, a metamorphosis occurs as the finished creations reveal hauntingly unexpected results.

Doug Landreth has been a major force in the Pacific Northwest photography scene for the past 25 years, shooting commercial assignments for the region's foremost ad agencies and corporate marketing departments. He is well known for his complex, conceptual photo-illustrations and his large scale productions, lifestyle and transportation campaigns, for which he has received numerous national awards. For the past ten years Doug has been focusing not only on his thriving commercial business, but developing a large following for his painterly, composited fine art images. In 2010, Doug started to teaching his “Scratching the Surface” workshops for photographers interested in adapting his techniques for their own work. This lead to the formation of Photomorphis, a company he started with his longtime creative collaborator, David Volkamer. Photomorphis is an online site designed as a resource for inspiration, education, and collaboration for anyone interested in taking their photography further.

“All my fine art images are painstakingly created by digitally layering multiple images together. I combine multiple scenic elements, principle subjects and various texture photographs together, carefully masking and blending the images in such a way that they create a new image, with a depth and richness that evokes the mood of an old masters painting or the vibrant energy of contemporary modern art. My art moves photography away from reportage toward impressionism, communicating my memories of and feelings about my subject matter, not merely a record of the scene or object.”